Quality comes with a price

By Anil Jain

Learning Hadoop – Best Career Move

Big Data is the buzz word of the present and is going to create a new wave of IT jobs. Whatever your position is, e.g. Developer, tester, Architect, Business person, you would want to learn Big Data Technologies and ride this new wave to take your career to new heights. This is the new pyramid that is building. If you are early to learn Big Data technologies you would see the pyramid building under you and your career new altitudes.

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Gartner: 4.4 million jobs by 2015, however, it is predicted that only one-third of these jobs will be filled, ref. http://www.gartner.com/newsroom/id/2200815

Catch 22 – Learning hadoop on your own

There is a little twist. Learning Big Data Technologies as Hadoop is not as easy. Even Hadoop installation is not as simple as it sounds. Learning and hands on a cluster can be a giant knot for a newbie. A little knowledge and experience in Linux/Unix and Java is helpful, but in those cases as well it is advised for some kind of tutorial, classes or training material to give that jump start to learn the technology.

There would be many techies who would be able to learn this technology on their own with free materials but they are not the ones in majority.


Quality comes with a price – No tutorial is free

Well who wouldn't like a free lunch!! But it is a bitter fact that nothing of a good quality is free. That doesn't apply vise versa. Some free hadoop tutorials are indeed good.But if you are thinking of becoming a professional in Big Data technology, you cannot rely on free tutorials much, as they are not enough to make you an expert.

If you want quality , then you will have to pay for the efforts of the people who are sharing their knowlege with you. And that is fair enough, isn't it? 

Most of the hadoop tutorials, trainings , courses or videos you see online are just demos of the actual paid trainings offered by those companies.

So if you are now thinking of purchasing a video tutorial or getting enrolled for an online training, wait and think about what suits you best. 

There are different categories of trainings and tutorials available online. It is wise to choose one which offers the best value for money.

You can checkout reviews here for most popular hadoop online tutorials,trainings, courses and materials.

Online tutorials categorized

All online available trainings can be categorized as follows:-Reviews Hadoop tutorials, trainings, courses, free and paid

You must have already gone through a number of tutorials. If not, let me tell you , it is indeed really confusing to choose which one is good for us. Even choosing the best tutorial amongst all the freely available tutorials could be a nightmare, as you will have to go through all of them (atleast first 10 search links indecision ).

In this situation such review sites come as life savers. Instead of just wasting a lot of time hopping from one site to other, relying on these reviews could save a lot of effort.

Which tutorial is best for me?

Just by looking at certain factors at the beginning would let you choose your learning material wisely. It will save you a lot of time, confusion and energy.

Our expert team puts in a lot of effort going through trainings, courses and materials available online to produce unbiased reviews for you. We would review the most popular Hadoop tutorials, trainings and courses that are present online on their pros and cons so that you can judge better what suits you.

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