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By Anil Jain

We review most popular hadoop tutorials, hadoop training & hadoop course that are present online; their pros & cons so that you can judge better what suits you. Read this post quality comes with a price to understand why it is a wise decision to go for a featured course.

Below are reviews of some of the most popular paid hadoop tutorial. Reviews include the links to demo lectures of the hadoop course, their pros & cons and ratings given to them on the scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the best.

Hadoop online tutorials can be categorized as follows:-


o    Branded company hadoop training

o    Non-branded hadoop training and hadoop video tutorials


o    Online tutorials

Recommended hadoop books

​Branded Company Hadoop training

All of the branded company hadoop training are way too expensive for an individual but would be of the highest quality. If your company if ready to bear the hadoop course expense or you find it affordable please have a look at the company training offered. Reviews for these are not available yet and hence only a little information in the regards is listed.

Cloudera Training for Apache Hadoop

Cloudera training4 day course  Ref. link:

Cost: $2995

HP - Hadoop for Systems Administrators

HP trainingdaycourse Ref link

Cost: $2400


HortonworksRef Link

Cost: $2400 to $2700

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Non-branded Hadoop trainings & Video tutorials

Hadoop Developer Certification Made Easy

Hadoop Tutorial5 star rating Details
Cost $198

Ref link Hadoop Developer Certification Made Easy


The most cost effective hadoop tutorial with full value for money.
Lifetime access

30 day money back guarantee.
Trains you as a professional and to clear certification.

Ideal for an individual.

Queries should not be expected to be answered instantaneously. You need to wait till your post is seen. 

Summary: With 22 5 star reviews and money back gaurantee, by far the best buy.

Newcircle training

newcircle hadoop training


hadoop training


Cost $1700+

Ref link

Demo lecture


Great presentation.

Instructor highly knowledgeable. 

Course content can be customised to the people.

Ideal for corporates.


Individuals cannot start right at the offset. They need to be in groups of at least 5 to start a class.

Summary: Good if your company is sponsering.

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edureka hadoop training


hadoop training


Cost $242

Demo Lecture:

Edureka is a firm involved with Big Data technology trainings.

Information:  4 weeks weekend 2 hours batch, i.e., 16 hours of course. Or 1 hour weekend class for 8 weeks.


Trainers are warm and courteous.

In case you miss the lectures they would provide with the recording for that day.

24/7 support.


Delivery of lesson is highly unprofessional and casual most of the times.

Concepts explained lack depth and completeness.

There is lot of jumping around the topics.

Lot of time is wasted in setup.

Summary: Join at your own risk.


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Tech e Training

hadoop training Details

Cost $600 

42 hours in 21 days.

Demo Lecture

Tech E Training provides IT trainings in many fields. There course is for Hadoop Developer and would cover a little about Hadoop administrator as well.


Credentials of trainer are impressive (assuming that the claims are true).

Knowledge of the trainer as a coder is good.

In case you miss the lectures they would provide with the recording for that day.

Cost is okay.


Although the Trainer has impressive credentials but is not a great “Trainer”.

The presentation quality is poor.

The trainer lacks professionalism in understanding the question and explanation.

Background disturbance reflects unprofessionalism. At the cost such as asked, higher quality is expected.

Trainer claims even person with non-coding background can become a Hadoop developer. This claim is a little dubious.

In one of the webinars attended, Trainer claimed that the question asked in certification exams are from his own set of question. Indirectly claiming that he has the dumps and is a little unethical.

Summary: A less quality for the costs. You will have to be asking a lot of questions to derive something good off the training.

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hadoop training


Cost $400

30-35 hrs

Demo lecture


Cost is low.


Presentation is very slow(presentor explains everything by writing)

Many distractions.

Content is not up to the mark

30-35 hours is a very less time to learn all the things which the course is providing

Not much value for money

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Free – Hadoop online tutorials

There is no course which is structured and free. There is a lot of material that is free out there but it is not structured well for a beginner. But there are few mentioned below but these are not of recommendation to a beginner as they are complex:

·        Hadoop - YDN - Yahoo! Developer Network

·        Hadoop-Skills: Big Data and Hadoop Essentials

·        MapR Academy: Hadoop Tutorial and Training Videos Online

·        Big Data University: Learn Hadoop & Big Data with Free Courses

·        IBM Hadoop tutorial 

·        Coreservlets – hadoop tutorial

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Recommended Books

·        Hadoop: the definitive guide – tom white. A must read.

·        Data-Intensive Text Processing with MapReduce by Jimmy Lin and Chris Dyer.

Great free book (PDF download)

·        Alex Holmes’s Hadoop in Practice

In the end, please suggest if you require further reviews on any of the hadoop courses, hadoop trainings, hadoop tutorials or hadoop online classes.

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20 comments on “All reviews

  1. Hi Admin,

    Thank you very much for your article, I am planing to join Euderka for Data Scientist course.

    Could you please give me your suggestion on the same.


  2. Thanks for posting this article, It is indeed very helpful for candidates aspiring Hadoop Training. I am here looking for an institue specifically which is best for “Hadoop Administrator” training, in terms of cost and quality of training. Could you please share your thoughts and recommendation ?.

  3. Hi Anil,

    The article is impressive and very helpful.

    Would like to add reviews, I attended demo of edureka, intellipat, techetraining and bisp. I would say techetraining was the best amongst all, its reviews are impressive and the trainer’s indepth knowledge in bigdata space is immense. Would give thumbs up for only techetraining, 100%.

    Best Regards,

  4. Hi admin,
    thanks a lot for publishing this web site.I am aspiring to learn Hadoop..but confused a lot in choosing the training …this blog helped me a lot in analysing the quality of various training..
    keep this running..

    G Madhu

  5. Hi Anil,
    Super Article. Would like to add some points.

    Edureka has very good marketing i agree, but according to my knowledge i found techetraining guy excellent. The presentation is not that good i agree, but the trainer is exceptional. He has dig very deep into the bigdata space, and explains with a vision. Edureka’s hadoop course is a child’s play, they just hop around the topic 100 times, but techetraining’s tutor is awesome, so those who are looking to crack the certification and interviews, techetraining is the best.

    I would recommend the hadoop aspirants to go for techetraining blindly, because i have experimented a lot. Do not waste money just like that.

  6. Hi Anil,

    Glad to know about your article, i attended techetraining , edureka and intellipat webinar. My best experience was techetraining. I have done 8 sessions with techetraining, its still going on ,the trainer’s way to teach is simply awesome. The trainer is super techhy and has expertise across entire hadoop ecosystem. Awesome exposure, edureka and intellipat is a bit show off.

    I do have around 8 plus years of experience in java\j2ee, what i can say is techetraining is good value for money, as they teach the non-java folks the required java components also. And the trainer is a certified cloudera data scientist, he is simply superb. 10 on 10 to techetraining for sure no doubt as i experienced it myself.

    Thanks a lot anil for providing this platform, good job.

  7. Hi Anil,

    Like you i have attended all the webinars, but the best i found was techetraining. May be you have your own views, but after spending 15 Years as a (data architect) i can judge the knowledge of the person.
    Trainer’s personal touch and practical exposure is awesome and far better than the rest. He has good trackrecord and it was a personal attention for all students that is the best part. The trainer has worked across domains in several fields into R&D. Has deep knowledge into it and explains in a fantastic way. Excellent trainer and the complete staff is awesome.
    Sorry but no offence, what i felt i told, edurekas,intellipats are all meagre show offs and marketing spoofs, techetraining for hadoop is real. They show the actual vision of bigdata

    • Hi Vivek,

      Thanks for reaching out to us and providing your personal reviews about the training you have attended.
      Whatever ratings, pros and cons we have given here for various trainings are not based on one person’s views.But, they are based on reviews of many people like you who have attended those trainings. They are also based on factors like cost, duration, value for money based on quality etc.
      We would definitely like to update and maintain ratings and reviews on this website for these trainings and also include others eventually. Your feedback is very valuable.
      Please feel free to share your feedback about the training(s) you have attended(with details like their cost, duration,when did you attend) etc.

  8. Very informative articel. Thanks alot Anil. :)

    I am planning to join Edureka for Big data and Hadoop certification. Can you plz help me understand on Edureka certification is valued in the market. Will my profile be stronger on mentioning Edureka Ceretified Big Data and Hadoop professional?

    • Hi Pradeep,
      Good to know that you liked the article.Thanks :)
      Regarding Edureka Certification:-
      Edureka is a firm which provides training in Hadoop. Certification provided by any such institute does not have any value in the market until it is a branded company like Cloudera, Hortonworks etc. But, as mentioned in the article, they cost a lot.
      If you want to make a stronger profile, you should go for one of the certification exams for hadoop which are provided by Cloudera and Hortonworks. You can get the details here:-



      There are 2 ways to prepare for these certification exams, either get trained or prepare by yourself.
      Hope this helps :)

      • Thanks alot for the response. This surely helps alot :)

        I guess its a good idea to get trained and then continue certification with Cloudera or Horton.

        Thanks alot again for your time. :)

  9. Hi. Thank you for this information. I have already taken cloudera training for 3 days. I spent a lot of money and did not understand a thing!! :( .
    I should have researched more before joining it.

    • Hi Satyajeet,
      That is very sad that you did not understand anything even after spending a lot of money. You can send us your reviews about it and we can include it here in this site.

    • Hi Anuja,

      Thanks. To help you out we have provided all this information and reviews. You can decide on all the factors as cost, quality, reviews, duration etc. The course you have chosen is definitely the cheapest of all.

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